New Year’s Resolution: Tip #2

Yesterday we began a series of posts with the goal of providing helpful tips to start your year in the right direction.  We will continue today with Tip #2.

Tip #2: Read about sex…together.

Be honest, when is the last time you read through an entire book on the subject of intimacy…with your spouse?  Our guess is it’s been a while.

Husbands, I (Justin) get it.  I really do.  When my wife sends me an article to read or a book recommendation, it’s not very often I choose to accept her request.  She has books and blogs she likes to read, and I have sports articles and other mindless news I like to read.  We’re different in this regard.  But I can tell you from experience that when Megan and I both agree to read through a few books together on the subject of marriage and sex, our marriage (and our sex lives!) is strengthened in a number of ways!  When you choose to read through a book on this subject together, you will be grateful you did.

But what should you read?  Wow, that’s a tough question to answer.  There are literally hundreds of books out there, but a few of them have been written from such a perspective that I can wholeheartedly recommend them to just about anybody.

#1: Sheet Music by Kevin Leman – You should both be able to easily read this book in less than a week.  And men, I’ve yet to find another guy who didn’t enjoy the read.  Trust me on this.

#2: Intimacy Ignited by Dillow/Pintus – This book is specifically designed to teach about the spiritual and emotional aspects of sexual intimacy.  While written with a different perspective than Sheet Music, it’s still a quality read for both men and women.

#3: The Five Love Languages by Gary D. Chapman – Best selling book about marriage but not necessarily sex.  But when you discover and understand your spouse’s love language, you’ll both begin to receive so much more of what you want in your marriage, and this will impact what goes on behind closed doors as well.

Wives, I (Megan) also find great benefit in reading short articles on-line about such things as the health benefits of sex.  I mean if having sex 12 times a month is like running 7 miles I am all for that kind of exercise!  For me, I  know that if I can just get my mind thinking about sex more often my desire and body will follow.  We encourage you to continue to talk about your intimate lives with each other and consider what you would be willing to read to enhance your marriage as well.


Have you read one of these books and found it helpful?  Do you have another you’d like to recommend?  Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution: Tip #2

  1. The Love Languages book has had such positive influence on me and how I care about others, especially my spouse. I realize God can lift my husband’s spirit thru me, how I respond to him and love him. It changes the atmosphere of my home.

  2. Thanks for the book suggestions – we both have Kindles so we can order them and read them at our own pace. I look forward to discussing them with my husband!

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