New Year’s Resolution: Tip #3

Today on the Do Not Disturb blog we want to finish up our New Year’s Resolution Tips.  We hope they have led to more discussion about the subject of sex with your spouse and we hope you both agree to branch out a bit by doing some reading on the subject.  The natural outcome of following through on this is that you will both be more inclined to…

Tip #3:  Enjoy sex.

Yeah, we know you probably already saw that one coming.  But instead of simply giving advice on what you can (or should) do, we want to be more specific.

A: Realize it begins in your mind. Our culture seems to communicate that sex begins with a long gazing look across the room and both individuals understanding that 15 minutes later they’re going to be experiencing something amazing.  While it’s quite true you will experience something amazing, you must realize that the brain is the most important sexual organ you have.  You have to mentally prepare yourself – sometimes hours ahead of time – for what’s about to transpire.  Men must realize this about their wives, and wives must realize the same about their husbands.  By both getting on the same page mentally, you can then:

B: Realize it’s a choice.  There will be times in your marriage when you will not want to “connect” for whatever reason.  Perhaps the husband has worked a really long day.  Perhaps the wife is emotionally drained from working with children throughout the day.  There could be any number of reasons why you choose to not engage sexually with one another.  But if you realize it’s a choice and you choose to go the distance, you’ll both be glad  you did.

C: Realize your spouses needs before yours.  Once you make the decision, understand that what happens next isn’t all about you.  It’s about your spouse, and your marriage.  Put their needs before yours, and you will discover the decision you both made will reap far greater dividends than you originally thought possible.


Have another New Year’s Resolution Marriage tip you’d like to share?  Feel free to drop a line in the comments below.

PS – Thanks for dropping by and continuing to show your support.  We’ve got many more posts in the works and look forward to continuing to share with you.

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