Better Than a Magazine: Smell

We are continuing to explore how to incorporate the 5 senses into your sex lives.  Today we will be creatively thinking about how to include the sense of smell.

Did you know that your body can tell the difference between 4,000-10,000 different scents?  That is why certain smells can trigger emotional responses or even physical reactions.  We believe that the sense of smell can be used to heighten your sexual experiences together.

Here is an experiment that you might want to try….a scent date if you will.

1.  Take a shower, alone or together, to prepare a clean scent palate.  Try to use a fragrance free soap for the greatest effect.

2.  After showering, consider if you personally feel more desirable or if you are more attracted to your mate.  Some people may not be bothered at all by sex at any time no matter the odors present but some people might be put off by body odors.  Be sensitive to your spouses preferences.

3.  Consider the aroma of the room you are in.  Will lighting scented candles increase your desire?  If so, what scents?  Flowers?  Herbs?  Food?  Massage oils, body sprays, dusting powders or even deodorant can also be used to awaken your sense of smell.

4.  Discover the scent of your spouse.   We are not going to give details, you can creatively figure this one out!  Let your pheromones do the talking.

5.  Consider having a trigger scent that you and your spouse use to arouse each other towards each other.  I (Megan) have trained my sense of smell to be triggered with a desire to connect with Justin through the conscious use of certain scents.  When I want to engage my mind to desire physical intimacy I use certain scents that he uses only in the context of our intimate times together.  It is a great secret between us that only we know.  As married couples we can use our sense of smell to be drawn closer to one another and  it can certainly have great benefits in the bedroom.

This series of post is meant to encourage you to think outside the bed sheets about what you can do that will make what happens in between the bed sheets better than a magazine.  Have fun!


Let us know if you have any questions you want answered.  We are compiling some weekly FAQ posts and would love to hear from you.  Thanks for reading.

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