Demystifying Orgasm

Did the title pique your interest?  Probably so, because if you have ever experienced an orgasm you want another one.  If you asked several people what orgasm felt like you would likely get a different answer from all of them.  Regardless of how one would describe it, orgasm is an incredibly satisfying and thrilling experience.  Our bodies were designed to both give and receive pleasure so we want to take a few posts to understand the wondrous gift of orgasm.  To begin this series, here are a few things to consider:

1.  Orgasm is not the sole purpose for sex.

If you’re having sex only for the physical high, you may be misunderstanding the full purpose of sexual intimacy. While climax is often a desired goal of sexual intimacy, it’s not the only intended purpose.  There is a greater purpose in a married couples’ naked bodies being joined together, forsaking all others to experience something that no other relationship is meant to provide.  God created sex to unite a husband in a wife, to make them become one flesh.

Our tip: Always remember that whether in bed, or out of bed, you’re one flesh.  Decisions you make and conversations you have will have a direct impact on each of you, you marriage, and ultimately what goes on beneath the sheets.  Your spouse and your marriage is a gift to be cherished in all circumstances.

2.  Make orgasm a goal.

While orgasm is not the sole purpose of sex it is a bonding experience and should be sought after within the context of marriage.  The release of oxytocin and endorphins during climax create an emotional bond and produce a general sense of well-being.  The more often these hormones are released the stronger the bond.

Our tip: Make orgasm a priority in your sexual experiences.  Work for it. And men, remember that while you may be “required” to stop at one, your wife is not.  So women, feel free to make multiple orgasms a goal any time you wish.

3. Let your spouse choose how they want to be pleased.

Within a marriage there are few experiences that rival being able to give yourself to your mate in such a way that brings them to ecstasy. As the receiver, women generally understand the concept of “giving” themselves away.  Men, on the other hand, have a more difficult time understanding this truth.

Our Tip: Men ought to do whatever it takes to help their spouse attain climax.  Remember, you don’t always have to be the one in control of when, where and how penetration takes place.  While there are certain things you can (and should) do to help her achieve orgasm, sometimes you ought to simply allow her to have her way with you.  Allow her to be in full control and allow her to decide how many orgasms she’s willing to work for.  Do this, and you’ll feel more like the man you were created to be, and she’ll be more excited to jump into bed with you again soon – which is what you’re probably hoping for, anyway!


We’ll be continuing the discussion of orgasm for women in our next post.  Until then, if you have any thoughts or questions on the subject of orgasm, feel free to let us know in the comments below.  Thanks!

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