Valentine’s Day: Going All Out

Here on the Do Not Disturb blog we’re all about Valentine’s day. And throughout the week we’re going to be providing some tips and tricks to make this year’s Valentine’s day one of the best you’ve ever experienced…in bed.  As of this writing, you have one to two weeks to be getting ready, so here are some ideas to help you plan for it.

1) Order some special items for Valentine’s day now

Sure, flowers are always a hit with the women. But what if you bought her something a little different this year? Or ladies, what if you surprised him with something he never expected?

When it comes to these kinds of subjects, many married couples aren’t sure what to purchase. And let’s face it, walking into an adult bookstore may not be up your alley either. Are there “good” places to order special items? And what kinds of “special” items should you look for?

A good referral website for this subject is The Marriage Bed. They have links to many online retailers who are sure to use appropriate packaging with tasteful images.

There are a number of books to help you plan out your date night, or get ideas for future ones.  Plenty of gels or lotions that may be used during foreplay, or sex itself.  And if you’re up for it, some other items designed specifically for oral delights.  Additional items from these retailers may or may not be your cup of tea, but we’re certain you can find something that will enhance your sexual experience with the love of your life.

2) Wear something sexy

Men, let’s be honest..there’s only so much you can do when it comes to wearing something sexy. Don’t get us wrong, it can be done.  But chances are, you probably have a favorite shirt or other “look” that you’re spouse will approve of without needing an extra shopping trip.

Ladies, on the other hand, have numerous options that very well may cause their husbands mouths to drop open.  Think about it, how much money have you spent eating out the past couple of months?  How much have you spent on cable, or other meaningless entertainment?  You owe it to yourself and your marriage to spend a little bit on your sex lives every once in a while.  Find something sexy.  Knock his socks off.  Make him drool over you like he did on your wedding night.  You know you can’t wait for him to see you in something sexy and he knows that seeing you in it is only the beginning of the wild time you’re going to have together.

3) Plan for after sex, sex

This is, after all, up to you. I mean let’s face it, once you’ve both attained climax you may be ready to relax for a bit. But every once in a while, “Going All Out” really means going all out. Wait 30-60 minutes and then start another make-out session. Bust out another massage lotion and see what happens.  Chances are, with plenty of kisses, caresses, and touches in just the right place, you both may discover you’re ready for another round. Go for it. Just like your honeymoon, you may discover you’re physically and mentally capable of some serious sex.  Only now you have years of experience, and you should use that experience to your advantage.


Have another Valentine’s Day idea you’d like to suggest?  Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

PS: Thanks so much for your continued questions and encouragement! We appreciate it more than you know.  Please consider helping us out by sharing links to the blog with your married friends.  Thanks again!

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