Valentine’s Day: Going All In

Earlier this week we published our first post in a series we’ve dedicated to Valentine’s Day.  And throughout the week we’re going to be providing some tips and tricks to make this year’s Valentine’s day one of the best you’ve ever experienced…in bed.  As of this writing, you have less than two weeks to be getting ready.

While our last post was specific to items you can (or should) purchase to make Valentine’s Day a “Going All Out” affair, today we’d like to offer a suggestion about the physical act of intimacy itself. Are you ready for it?

Plan to try a new position:

Yes, it’s true that most couples have their favorite 1, 2, or maybe 3 positions that are their regular “go-to’s” in bed. But a great deal of fun can be had trying something new.  While there are books or cards that can be purchased in this regard, if you own a smartphone or other i-device we’d like to recommend saving your money and instead consider spending just $1.  Yup, one dollar will get you a description of 110 different sexual positions with tasteful images and a clear description as to how to get into the position (if you can’t figure that out for yourself).  The app is ikamasutra.  And while there are others out there, this one is well worth the dollar.

Ideas to please Her:

Believe it or not, after all these years, scientists have determined there is no “G-Spot” for women. (Yes, many women disagree with this!)  Whether the scientists are correct or not, women ought to know what it takes to be pleased.  While many positions will explain that you will find the G-Spot, don’t expect it to happen in all of them.  Nevertheless, women can find a new position that will provide them with a heightened sense of expectations of what’s to come.

First, before attempting a new position, please her with some external stimulation. A nice massage or other stimulation will help her to relax and keep her mind on the task at hand.  Additional external stimulation of the breasts or clitoris may help as well, if this is her preference.

Next, find a new position or two that provides her with full control.  There are a number of “women on top” positions that will give her full access to be in control of all movement.  She sets the pace.  She controls the depth of penetration.  She knows what feels good and she stays in full control to keep herself building toward climax.  While it’s most likely she already knows what she likes, trying out a few new positions may help her to discover something even better.

Ideas to please Him:

Remember our posts on the 5 senses?  Men, in general, have specific preferences to the sense of sight and touch.  Therefore, we would recommend trying out a few positions that offer the husband a full view of the wife’s body. There are a number of these to attempt, and the goal here isn’t necessarily to bring him to climax.  It’s a fun, extended time of intercourse, with the goal of enjoying one another as much as you possibly can.  Allow the husband to see and have full access to touch as much of her beauty as possible.  And remember, if she begins the evening wearing something special, he will have an even greater desire to see everything underneath it as the evening goes on.

Regarding the grand finale, men often become extra excited in positions that provide deep penetration.  Therefore, work to discover a final position that will continue to provide her with a great deal of comfort, but will also leave him gasping for air.

Don’t allow your special evening together to finish there.  Continue to lie in bed together.  Discuss what positions worked well for at least one of you and what ones you may never want to revisit.  Also discuss what you’d like to try the next time you connect.  Who knows, the longer the conversation continues, the sooner you’ll be ready to get back to it.


Have another Valentine’s day tip you’d like to share?  Let us know in the comments below!

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