Q and A on Friday:

Greetings All,

We’re not planning to do a Q & A session every Friday.  However, with our readership climbing there’s one question that keeps coming up over and over and over.  This question has nothing to do with marriage or intimacy, but our answer has everything to do with both.  The question is, “Why are you doing this?”

Yes, we acknowledge that some feel uncomfortable with our desire to openly discuss sex and marriage.  In fact, just yesterday I (Justin) had the opportunity to enjoy lunch with a friend.  We talked a little bit about marriage and intimacy and the importance of this subject and he said, “You know, some people just don’t want to talk about it.”  Therefore, we wanted to take the opportunity to write in greater detail why we have such a great interest in this subject…and why we believe it’s so important to talk about it.

First, we acknowledge there is a great deal of fear and anxiety when it comes to this subject.  Our culture speaks of sex as if no fear or anxiety exists, yet we all know it does.  However, we also acknowledge that God freely speaks of this subject without shame or fear.  And after years of openly discussing it with one another, we’ve come to acknowledge we have freedom in this area of our lives and are unashamed to be open in our discussion if it means other marriages may benefit.

And this is a second reason we have interest in this subject: we fully believe we can help others and their marriage.  While we’re not licensed counselors or experts, we have tremendous confidence we can help make a positive impact in others’ lives.  Simply put, we know from personal experience that freedom can be found in this area, and we have a sincere desire to write and provide couples with as much helpful information as we can.  We’ve helped couples who have been just married and have learned from couples who have been married over 50 years.  In the end, we have a strong desire to share what we’ve learned to help others grow in their marriage, and improve in what happens behind closed doors.

Finally, sex is good. We could discuss recipe sharing ideas or crafts for kids, but sex is the one area of life which healthy couples will experience thousands of times together.  Thousands. We all spend a lot of time making sure the meals we eat taste good and we believe we should also spend time making sure our sex lives are good as well.

This is just a little bit of why we feel so passionate about marriage and sexuality.  Feel free to continue reading along, as we have many other great posts to come.


Have a question you’d like answered in a future Q & A post?  Feel free to let us know in the comments below.  Please keep your question short, but specific and we’ll do our best to answer it in a future post.

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