Sex is….Not a Dirty Word

Just mention the word sex and you will likely get a wide variety of reactions.   Some may blush. Some may giggle or laugh. Some may steer the conversation in another direction. And some may add a distasteful joke.  Whatever the reaction, the word sex conjures up a lot of thoughts and memories.  Many times, these thoughts and memories are not pleasant or beneficial.  This is not as it should be.

You see, the world has done a great job of distorting and perverting what God created to be meaningful and beautiful.  God intended that sex would be the highlight of a husband and wife’s marital intimacy and that the experience would bond them closer together.  From the beginning of time, sex was God’s idea.  Imagine that!  He created our bodies to give and receive pleasure and He is pleased when we do just that.  God is not shocked or embarrassed about the pleasure we feel when we connect our bodies.  He designed it that way.

It does seem a bit awkward to some people, maybe even you, to think about God and sex in the same sentence.  Many have the misconception that sex is “dirty”, base even.  With the hype of causal sex and “hooking up” it is often hard to rectify that sex and God have any relation at all.  Often we allow ourselves to separate God from sex, the seemingly secular from the spiritual.  When we do this we miss out on God’s purpose.  By segmenting our lives into secular and spiritual categories we miss out on the fullness of living a satisfying and fulfilling life.

If you are like many of the people we have talked with and you have trouble understanding how sex and God can be spoken of with ease and fluency at the same time, here are a few thinking points.

1. God invented sex.

2. God talks about sex.

3. God encourages us to enjoy sex.

If you don’t believe us, check this out:

“She is a loving deer, a graceful doe. Let her breasts satisfy you always. May you always be captivated by her love.”

That is an ancient proverb from one who is claimed to be the wisest man who ever lived.  And yes, it’s found in the Bible.  If God gives a stamp of approval to actually enjoy sex in marriage who are we to think it is dirty?

Our marriages and intimate lives would be much stronger if we would actually take time to understand what God believes about sex rather than what culture tells us about sex.  Any number of things, many very serious, make it difficult to have a Godly view of sex.  We began dialog about some of these last week in part 1 of our series on the Pain of past sexual experiences.  It is our hope that over time  you gain and experience a greater depth of freedom in the area of intimacy within your marriage.  The road to freedom begins with truly  understanding what God believes about sex.  Knowing that sex is not dirty but a wonderful gift from God is a good first step toward freedom.


Why do you believe it’s so difficult for many to openly discuss sex as a “Godly” experience?

5 thoughts on “Sex is….Not a Dirty Word

  1. I (Theresa) believe that people have this distorted view of sex because it was ingrained in them from childhood, at least it was for me; some denominations also imply that it shouldn’t be discussed. Something that helped me overcome these misconceptions was prayer. I would encourage those who feel uncomfortable about the subject or even the act itself to pray. God already knows the heart and the thoughts – expressing them to Him is a beautiful act of submission and obedience and He will show up and respond.

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