Sex is…Getting Naked

Getting naked doesn’t come naturally.  It may seem like a simple act, but for most people the reality of being in the buff is more than just a little bit intimidating.  It would seem that after you have been naked with someone once the awkwardness would disappear.  This doesn’t appear to be true.  Bodies change.  Things shift, wrinkle and sag.  Learning to be comfortable in your own skin isn’t easy.  We are constantly bombarded by images and messages that what we wear, how we look and even who we are just aren’t good enough. Our minds race with insecurities and thoughts about what other people, even our spouse, really think about us.

It can be incredibly difficult to silence our insecurities when we have so many questions going through our minds.  “Does my spouse find me attractive or desirable?  Would they rather be with someone else?  What is it actually like to have sex with me?”  Questions reverberate through our minds, hearts and souls all the time.  When we are naked we are most vulnerable.  Vulnerable to having all our insecurities and self-doubt rise to the surface. Vulnerable to the pain of rejection.  Vulnerable to be known in the most intimate ways.

Physical nakedness, however, is just one aspect of nakedness in marriage.  Sure, it has its obvious place in our marriages, but have you ever considered nakedness in other aspects of your marriage?  Nakedness of your soul.  Nakedness of your mind.  Nakedness of your will.  We’ve said this before and will say it again; a great sex life is the overflow of a great marriage.  Great marriages are built on getting naked and being vulnerable.  In marriage we can conceal, hide and disguise nothing.  The degree to which we are able to be naked with our spouse is the degree to which our marriages and sex lives will flourish.

Being naked in marriage means we bring everything we can to the marriage.  It is about baring all while still being the person we need to be.  The question remains then, are you willing to really get naked in your marriage?  We understand that past hurts, breach of trust, and so many other things factor into our ability to be naked in marriage.  However, we also understand that if we are not working on becoming naked it won’t happen.  The physical act of taking off clothes requires we do something, both physically and emotionally.  It stands to reason that being naked in other areas will require something of us as well.

Sex has a powerful ability to draw us closer to our spouse.  Physical nakedness is a requirement for this to happen.  However, we want you to consider how much greater the experience could be if you were able to be naked in all areas of your life.  Giving freely and generously of yourself to your spouse.  Nothing coming between you and them.  Now that, that is truly naked sex.

4 thoughts on “Sex is…Getting Naked

  1. “The degree to which we are able to be naked with our spouse is the degree to which our marriages and sex lives will flourish.”

    Totally agree! The extent to which you are naked is the extent to which you will have intimacy in your marriage in every area: physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual…

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