“Because You Can” Sex

A few years ago the Northeastern United States had a pretty bad winter.  Snow continued to fall in several major cities and as soon as it was plowed away and began to melt, more snow came.  About nine months later I remember seeing a headline in the news.  I can’t remember exactly what the headline was, but it was something to the effect of, “Hospitals Overwhelmed with Baby Deliveries”.  Apparently, the winter weather was enough to drive many married couples to think, “Well, there isn’t anything else to do…you wanna have sex?”

Why is it that married couples are so often looking for a reason to connect intimately?  Why is it that it sometimes takes weddings, funerals and terrible winters to drive people into the bedroom?  Do you not find it sad that the national media basically proclaims, “People Have Sex When They’re Stuck At Home, But The Majority Live Life As If There’s Usually Something Better To Do.”

Nothing on earth compares to the experience of sex.  That’s the way it is meant to be.  So the question remains, why does there need to be a reason to enjoy the greatest of all things?  Final answer: there doesn’t.

Men: You married an amazing woman.  A woman who is beautiful, supportive, and *insert your own adjectives here*.  You also married a woman that only you know how to fully please.  Only you can learn what buttons to push and how to push them in such a way that it brings her to absolute ecstasy.  I (Justin) know some of the thoughts you have.  I, too, enjoy a good video game, sporting event, or other things now and again.  But here’s the thing, all other events in life may give you a small high every now and then, but that high will fade away.  Your team may win the championship.  You may discover the perfect wings.  But reality will settle in once again, and you’ll be left looking for the next big thing.

Sex, however, can be the one constant.  Every time you play, you win. You can master an xbox controller or you can master your wife’s breasts.  You can be a grill master or a sex master.  You can enjoy an action movie, or you can be your wife’s hero.  Don’t wait for a reason to enjoy sex with your wife, become the master of her body now.  Enjoy sex as much as you like…because you can.

Women: Sex isn’t just for your man, you can to enjoy it too!  There are a lot of ways to learn about your body, train yourself to feel pleasurable sensations and focus your mind on sexual intimacy.  Those are important and will help you understand the beauty and depth of physical intimacy.  It is important and very valid that most women need to time to heat up and turn on.  On the other hand, there is much to be said about being pursued by your husband and giving yourself over to the fun of marital relations.  Making the choice to go with it, to give yourself completely to the moment.  Be enthusiastic, be willing and every once-in-a-while surprise him by taking the initiative.

Sex is never just a physical act.  There are always emotional, mental and spiritual things at work in our marriages.  But we won’t ever have sex if we have to have everything figured out, everything in order and perfect circumstances.  Instead, we should simply enjoy sex…because we can.

2 thoughts on ““Because You Can” Sex

  1. What is interesting about the do it more philosophy is that it ends up with both partners happier. The more frequently men have sex the longer it takes us to finish the show. The opposites true for women. So wanna have an easier time getting her there, take her there is more often.

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