Spice it Up, Sex

Getting in a rut when it comes to sex is pretty common.  While each sexual encounter can be thrilling, oftentimes there is still very little creative thought that goes into intimate times together.  Married couples often choose from a few select “types” of sex.

1.  The quickie

2.  Romantic rendezvous

3. “Because we can,” sex

4.  “Let’s have sex,” sex

5. “The All-Nighter” (Well, maybe not too often for this one!)

These are all regular staples to a fulfilling sex life.  But today we want to suggest adding “Spice it up, Sex” to your menu.  It is often fun and very rewarding to add some extra creativity to your sex life and think outside whatever constitutes normal for you.

Today we will offer one simple suggestion and from time to time we’ll add other ideas to the “spice it up” sex menu.

The dice game:

All you will need for this game is 2 dice.  On one of them, assign a different action (ie. massage, kiss, tickle, lick etc.) to each number.  On the other one, assign a different body part to each number (i.e. neck, shoulders, chest/breasts, groin, etc.).  Note: Be certain you can differentiate the two dice.  One may be one color, and the other one white.  Or a simple permanent marker dot on one of them will help to tell the two apart.

After you figure out who’s going to roll first, roll the dice, put the two numbers together and voila – you get immediate foreplay action.  It may be something as simple as rubbing/massaging the neck, or it may be something as promiscuous as licking the breast…or somewhere else!

Follow through for 5, or even 10 rolls and you will most likely have a different than normal sexual experience.  Some of the combinations may at first seem distasteful, but don’t automatically discount them.  If you practice good hygiene and take a shower beforehand you just might find some unusual combinations that end up really turning you on.

PS – Once you try this out a few times, you can then use the dice as a note to tell your spouse you’re looking forward to a great time together that evening.  How would husband respond if he unpacked his lunch and saw the two dice sitting there?  His friends may wonder, “What’s with the dice?” but he knows exactly what it means, and if he tells them, they’ll know he married an amazing woman.  And how would she respond if she got to the bottom of her cup of coffee in the morning and found the dice?  She would know to mentally prepare for an awesome evening together!

Go get to it, and if you’re brave enough, let others know (w/o too many details) how it goes in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Spice it Up, Sex

  1. (Rick & Theresa) Awesome game! If you don’t have dice, cards work great! A couple suggestions to add to the “Action” category: 1. if you’re husband has a beard or goat-tee, try it out. 2. Ice Cubes.

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