Nakedness.  Such a stark word.  Such an intimate word.  Strong marriages are based on husbands and wives who are willing to be naked with one another.  To be revealed, bare, vulnerable.  Husbands and wives take many twists and turns in this journey called marriage and nakedness in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual ways are all part of that journey.  Truth is…nakedness is hard.  There are times in our lives when pain, fear and insecurity overtake our ability to be naked.

Webster’s defines naked as: 1. Not covered by clothing.  2. Devoid of natural or customary covering.  3. Scantily supplied or furnished.  4. Unarmed, defenseless.  5. Lacking confirmation or support.  6.  Devoid of concealment or disguise.  This week we want to take a look at how each of these definitions affect our marriages.  How do we deal with physical, emotional and spiritual nakedness?  How can we overcome insecurities, past pain and really be free to be naked in our marriages?

From our experience, nakedness in marriage is a journey.  Learning to trust, depend on and rely on your spouse is part of the journey.  We learn through trials and victories.  Times of difficulty and times of pure bliss.  Here are some questions to spark your thinking as we discuss nakedness this week.

1. When is the first time you were physically naked around your spouse?  What thoughts and emotions did you have at that time?

2. When is the last time you were physically naked around your spouse?  How have your thoughts and emotions changed over the years?

3. Apply #1’s and 2 in the realm of emotional nakedness.  (Note: Men will generally struggle with being emotionally open more than women.  Men may discover they were once far more emotionally naked than they are now, or maybe vice versa.)

4. What do you think it means to be spiritually naked?  What does your spouse think it means?  Talk through whatever differences of opinion you may have in this regard.

5. When is the last time you allowed your spouse to openly call you out on your “junk”?  How can allowing them to do so improve your marriage relationship?  Are there any cons to doing this too often?  (If yes, how often is “too often”?)

6. What kind of impact has being physically, emotionally and/or spiritually naked had on your marriage relationship?

Take the opportunity to really think through these questions, and we’ll continue the discussion in our next post.


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