Sex is…Connection

Have you ever really taken time to think about the purposes for sex?  It is one of our favorite things to do.  As evidenced by our on-going series “Sex is…” we believe sexual intimacy has been given to us as a great gift by our Creator.  There are few joys in life that come close to the experience of sex as God designed it.  Sex is meant to connect husbands and wives to one another.  To cement their bodies and their souls in a union that cannot be torn apart.

In a world that is fast paced, hectic and busy, marriage is meant to be a place of respite and renewal.  A place where a man and a wife can be fully known and  fully present.  To give and receive respect, affection, understanding and love.  Within marriage, sex is designed to be a place of great connection and oneness.  No other act in marriage has the ability to connect a husband and wife in the way that physical intimacy can.  It is possible to just look at sex through the eyes of physicality and make it all about the release but this is not the way God designed it to be.

Sexual intimacy is designed to connect a married couples on all different levels; physical, emotional, spiritual.  The deeper our emotional, mental and spiritual connection the greater our satisfaction in our physical connection.  In her new book The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, Shelia Wray Gregoire states it like this; “When we’re vulnerable with our mates, we feel a deep sense of connection because we vow that we are in a situation together.  And that connection is very powerful.  It’s that urgency to devour your husband, to consume him. to be consumed by him,  just so that you can feel even more connected.  It’s that hunger that God put in us to yearn for each other.  And to feel that for your husband, you also have to realize how God feels about you.”  Though she is writing specifically to wives if you replace the word husband with the word wife you will have the same effect.

Now we know that for some of you it is still quite a stretch to think about God and sex at the same time but we pray that over time you would truly come to recognize that anytime you exclude God from sex you are missing out on His full design.  His design to protect your marriage and to provide a deep connection with your spouse.  Never underestimate the way physical connecting of your body with your spouse can lead to a deeper connection in all the other areas of life.


Have you felt the connection

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3 thoughts on “Sex is…Connection

  1. Yes!
    This connection between God’s love and the love I have for my wife is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while.

    On one hand, I see a dramatic connection between marriage love and love of God. I see the marriage relationship as a earthly representation of the trinity actually. I do see that when I feel most connected to God, my love for my wife Kate is more alive, and when I feel most connected to Kate I feel worship oozing out of that relationship to God.

    On the other hand they are not exactly the same. There are quite different “flavors” of love of God and for the love of my wife. With Kate this love may range from romantic to companionship to friendship to sexual love. To put it in the Greek I would say it goes between Philos and Eros with quite a bit of Agape love in there too. With God love ranges from parental to brotherly to compassionate more Agape to Philos. I know that God has all of them, but I can’t say I feel the Eros type in my relationship with him, and I have a bit of trouble thinking what that would be like. So in my mind it is quite a bit different types of love.

    I will say one other thing. I know that God’s love for me encourages me and challenges me to love Kate the way I should be loving her.

    Thanks for the great post!

  2. Wonderful post!! I was a slow learner. I had been married a long time before I realized the Sex Connection. God revealed to me the physical processes and spiritual behind sex. When, I realized this, greater awe for God exploded in me. Because, somehow He has tied up our physical and spiritual nature in one beautiful act.

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