The Normal Challenge

I (Megan) have fond memories of pretending to wash dishes as a little girl.  My grandmother would fill a teapot with water, give me a few tissues and I would go to town washing that thing.  To this day I don’t mind washing dishes (which is convenient since we don’t have a dishwasher!)  The thing is, I can’t stand putting them away.  I mean, it’s not hard and is less time consuming than the washing but still not on the list of my favorite household chores.  Enter… my husband.

Each morning Justin adds a few extra minutes to his morning routine and puts away the dishes.  This simple action speaks volumes about how much he appreciates me and wants to serve me in any way he can.  In turn, I try to regularly thank him for helping me out in this way.  Today we want to give you an opportunity to do the same.  No, not putting away dishes, but taking time to thank your spouse for something that normally goes unnoticed.

Think of ways that your spouse regularly serves you or your family.  Now, thank them for it.  The more “normal” the activity the greater the surprise and stronger they will feel appreciated.  So often in marriage we neglect to appreciate and notice the things our spouses sacrifice for us.  Take this opportunity to change that.  Help them understand that no matter how mundane the task or how often it needs to be repeated, you notice them.  They have not escaped your mind and you are indeed grateful for them.

Justin – Thanks for always serving me by putting away the dishes.


Now it’s your turn.  After you have thanked your spouse brag on them here.  Let us know what your spouse does to serve you.  Don’t get caught up in comparing notes but instead be reminded of how your spouse is being used to build you up and strengthen your marriage.

8 thoughts on “The Normal Challenge

  1. Thank you to my wonderful hubby for commingled home after work and stepping in with our daughter so I can get things finished up. That makes things quicker so I have downtime to spend with both of them!

  2. Thanks for this post! This was the reminder I needed today to be thankful for all the little things my husband does to care for me.
    I’m thankful that he makes me coffee every single morning. It’s my least favorite thing to do, but I don’t function well without it!!

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  4. Thank you to my husband who is so sweet and patient and calm when I stress over my homework for class. You always pitch in and help me and reassure me that I can do it when I lack confidence. Your stable and steady in my moments of madness! Thank you my sweet!

  5. Today I will thank my husband for always going to the gas station for me. I really can’t remember the last time I went to the gas station. I also never have to go to the bank and get money. He always makes sure I have money in my wallet. 🙂

  6. Most men need to hear encouraging words, especially from their spouse, but sometimes it’s easy to forget to do this for those daily tasks. So thank you for this reminder. The next time my husband gives the boys their bath and gets all of the kids to bed I’m going to let him know just how much I appreciate it.

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