The Power of Showing Up:

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word power? Electricity? Strength? Success? Authority? Last night we were having a small group discussion about power. During our discussion we were asked to think about a time when God used us in a powerful way. There were answers about mission trips, sharing with someone about Jesus, and a few assorted other very Christian activities.  The discussion was all well and good but it got me (Megan) thinking about what the christian life is really about. God’s glory being revealed.  That is power.

I believe that marriage can be a daily reminder of God’s glory revealed because marriage was designed by God.  Marriage is not something created by man, it was all God’s idea from the very beginning.  The problem is that in this broken and busted world the experience of marriage can often be a very hard one.  It isn’t easy to always put someone else’s needs ahead of your own.  It isn’t always easy to react in love.  It isn’t always easy to think of someone more highly than yourself.  Add to that disagreements, arguments and strife and it’s easy to wonder how God can receive any glory at all from what seems like a broken mess.

This is where I believe there is power in showing up.  When life and marriage get hard it is so tempting and seemingly easier to just quit showing up.  To emotionally check out and disengage.  That is a temptation we all face.  But the glory of God is revealed when we choose to show up.  To engage.  To fight for our marriage.  To work on what needs to be worked on and deal with what needs to be dealt with.  Now that is powerful and it can only come through the power of God in us.  The challenge then is that we show up in our marriages and allow God to use us in powerful ways.  By doing this, God’s glory will be revealed.


Do you ever struggle with the temptation to disengage and not show up?  Do you have a story about how showing up made a difference in you marriage?

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4 thoughts on “The Power of Showing Up:

  1. There are so many marriages suffering these days – including Christian marriages. You have written some wise words here.

    Visiting from Beholding Glory.

  2. This post rings so true, especially in my life right now. Just the other night, I was going to turn from the issue, isolate, and check out…. Then, as soon as I plopped down on the couch, I felt immediate conviction. I got up, went to him, we talked, and had a great night. Just keep at it. Bailing doesn’t help. Great post. I relate 100%!

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