Sex and Chocolate:

A recent study indicated that 52% percent of women said they would choose chocolate over sex.  While there is certainly a lot of creativity that goes into the process of enjoying the dark, sweet goodness of chocolate, we’re not so sure  it’s fair to compare chocolate with sex.  So, today, rather than offering a choice between sex or chocolate we thought we would share a way to enjoy both.

Including your sense of taste into your times of intimacy can certainly be fun.  Whether it’s a bottle of Hersey’s or some chocolate body paint, you may discover that sex can satisfy more than one of your palettes.  One of the fun facts of this type of foreplay is that it all happens naked. It’s not too complex, just strip your spouse naked and then allow their body to be your artistic canvas.  Use your fingers to swirl the chocolate into their flesh and let them enjoy the massaging feeling it provides.  You can even be sure to brush just a little bit onto the areas of their body that will cause severe erotic jubilation.  And once you’re finished, be sure to give them the pleasure to use your body as a canvas as well. When you’re finished, your sticky bodies pressed against one another will be the perfect reminder that chocolate is really, really good, but gourmet sex with your spouse is even better.

But what about those who can’t each chocolate?  Well, we’re pretty sure you can think of something to sweeten or spice up your taste buds during sex with your spouse.  Still, one suggestion we would like to offer is to have a sexual box of chocolates.  Simply take the opportunity to empty out a box of chocolates and fill those spaces with notes that depict different sexual acts that you each feel comfortable with. If you want to go the extra mile, you could even wrap them up in small pieces of tissue paper so you could unwrap them every time you wish to go “gourmet”.  Keep the box hidden most of the time, but one of you should break it out every few weeks (or days?) and leave it in a place where your spouse will discover it.  Doing so in the morning will give each of you the entire day to emotionally prepare for great sex that evening.

To coin a phrase from Forrest Gump; “Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what your gonna get.”  Why not add a bit of fun (or food) to your bedroom and see just what you may come up with. You may not know exactly what you’re gonna get.  But you do know you’re going to get something good.

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