Marriage Challenge: Spread the Word

“I’m so proud of her, I just had to spread the word.”

These are the glowing words of admiration, support and appreciation from a husband about his wife.  We got an email from this proud husband telling us about a recent success his wife experienced and we were delighted to share in the joy of her accomplishment.  This husband was an example to us of what support and friendship in marriage looks like.  Being excited about your spouses success and being willing to share that happiness with others. The overflow of a great marriage is contagious.
We have talked in the past about just how important it is to speak well of your spouse and this email was a great example of how one man is doing just that.  One day last week I (Megan) spent a day running errands and hunting down every good deal our town had.  Justin showed his appreciation by tweeting these words; “My wife is amazing!”  You know what, I would never say those words about myself but coming from him I felt encouraged and built up.  Those are the kinds of words all our marriages need.

So today’s marriage challenge is this: Find one reason to compliment your spouse to someone else.  For good measure you should probably tell your spouse too!

There is no denying that marriage requires hard work and there are times when it seems impossible to see the good in your spouse.  That’s why we consider this a marriage challenge.  Find something that you can admire, respect or appreciate in your spouse then spread the word.  You may even find that as you spread the good about your spouse you are able to actually believe it more and more.


Feel free to use the comments to start spreading the word about how great your spouse is.  We don’t mind!

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