100 Posts!

Wow, time flies when you’re having fun doesn’t it?  Well, we started our journey here on the Do Not Disturb Blog back in December 2011, and we’re now up to 100 posts.  So with this being Post #100, we just wanted to point out our most read/discussed posts over this time period.

Our #3 most read post is Valentines Day: Going all in. This one surprised us a little bit, until we realized what the next two were.

Our #2 most read post is Sex Positive Voices.  This one is very recent, so many of you who have come on board lately have probably seen it.  With a couple of nice mentions from Generous Wife and Hot Holy Humorous, this one quickly found it’s way to the top of our most read list.

And our #1 most read post (drum roll please)… Sex Positions and Intimacy.  For all intents and purposes, this post may or may not be our #1 most read post.  The truth is that a whole bunch of people doing a google search for “sex positions” found our blog.

Nevertheless, as we look back at our top 3 posts, we see that all of them had to do with sex.  All of them.  Well, we remain strong advocates that freedom may be found behind closed doors.  Which leads us to our next topic: posts that have given us tremendous feedback, both through comments, email, and personal interaction with others.

First up, our series on the Pain of Past Sexual Experiences, which includes Post 2 and Post 3.  Freedom cannot be found behind closed doors for many due to emotional pain from past sexual experiences.  It may be their own history, or the history of their spouse.  We’ve had many people tell us that they have a hard time forgiving themselves for their own past, and others tell us they struggle to truly forgive their spouse for their history.  The result: a lackluster sex life.  This leads us to believe we’ll need to do some additional research and dig into this subject in greater detail in the future, as we desire all couples to experience freedom in the bedroom.

Second up is our series Better Than A Magazine on the Five Senses.  We only linked the first post here, so if you want you’ll have to do a search on the blog for the others.  As you can guess, this series emphasized the importance of using all 5 senses in the bedroom.  Men are generally more sight driven than women, and women are generally more in tune with other senses.  Lighting, smells, sounds, touch…all of it matters in the bedroom!  And when you openly discuss all of these areas and “get on the same page” with your spouse, then you’re able to better “get it on” in way that leaves you both wonderfully fulfilled.

Finally, our Defining Marriage post received a whole bunch of feedback behind the scenes recently.  On this note, we understand that not everybody is going to agree with us on this subject.  We recognize that the definition of marriage in our culture is always up for debate, and many states are beginning to vote on a definition of marriage.  Sadly, it’s a subject that’s dividing our culture more than anything else.  Nevertheless, we believe that marriage is an institution created by God, and we expressed the results of our study in this post.


Well, that’s all for now.  Megan is currently serving on a short-term mission trip to Kenya, so feel free to be in prayer for her throughout the next couple of weeks.  I (Justin) am sure she’ll see this post in the future and say, “But you forgot to add ____________ post.”  So I’ll just leave this post by saying, if you’re new to the Do Not Disturb Blog, skim back through ALL our posts to be sure you haven’t missed any.  That way I know I covered everything Megan wanted to be covered, too.  🙂

In all seriousness, thanks for reading!  We’re thrilled you’re with us, and we deeply look forward to many more years of working with married couples.

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