Marriage Challenge: Take a Time Out

Fall is in full force around our house right now.  With my (Megan) recent return from a mission trip to Kenya, the start of the new school year, the kick off of the marriage Bible study we will lead at church (we would love to have you read with us!) and our regular, everyday volunteer and work activities we are feeling pressed on all sides.  I am sure you can relate.  Life is busy, hectic and even chaotic at times.  While marriage experts regularly say to make your marriage your first priority, it is not always easy to do that.  Even those of us who write about marriage can easily forget to take our own advice.  That is why we need a time out in our house.  And we are challenging you to do the same thing.

Take a time out.  It’s up to you and your spouse to figure out how long of a time out you need but even a few minutes can be a life-line to a difficult day, week, month or season.  Here are a few suggestions that may help:

1. Keep it simple.  It is not about the extravagance of the moment or the event.  It IS about the person you are with at the time.  As long as you are making a step towards each other, it’s all good.

2. Make it fun.  Laughter has a great ability to release stress, relax your body and boost your immune system all at the same time.  Don’t take for granted that laughing together will make a difference in how you approach living life together.

3. Do it often.  While it is great and admirable to take extended periods of time together don’t dismiss brief periods of respite that a time out can provide.  Taking just a few minutes to connect, unwind, laugh and enjoy one another is important.  Don’t guilt yourself because it has been 3 months since your last official date night.  Seize the day, take a time out and don’t rob yourself the pleasure of a few stolen moments together.

Now enough advice.  Go take a marriage time out!

If you still need a few suggestions to get your mind going on what you could do in a marriage time out here you go:

1. Puzzle race: grab 2 easy 24 piece puzzles and see who can put it together the fastest.

2. Make an emergency romance kit to have on hand.

3. Write a love note to each other then read it out loud.

4. Set up a scavenger hunt in your own house.

5. Keeping with the theme of our blog, there is certainly nothing wrong with a quickie!


Have you ever found that even just a few minutes together can change your attitude or your day?  We would love if you would share what you came up with for your time out.


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