Marriage Challenge: Learn Something New

I (Megan) am always surprised when I learn something new about Justin.  Just when I think I know everything there is to know about the man I married I get surprised by learning a new fact or hearing a new story I hadn’t heard before.  I have a friend who made a resolution this year to find out 13 new things about her husband.  What a great resolution and idea.  In fact I like it so much it’s our marriage challenge today.  Find out something new about your spouse.  This might be a long forgotten story from childhood or may be something they enjoy about you.  Whatever it is, be encouraged to continue to study and learn about your spouse to increase the intimacy and friendship in your marriage.

Here are a few practical ideas to help you get started if you have no idea how to do that.

1. Talk often.

An obvious first point but honestly you can’t ever learn anything new if you don’t carve out time to talk about your lives.   Outside of what needs addressed immediately it’s important to take time to communicate regularly about your lives.   Here are 30 questions to get you started talking: 30 days of communication.

2. Try new things.

Even if what you are trying is not new to both of you, by making an effort to try new things you will learn new things about your spouse. Getting involved in your spouse’s interests, involving them in your interests or building your own interests together can enhance your marriage on many different levels.

3.   Observe them.

Learning something new doesn’t always need to be quantified by conversation.  Taking time to observe their habits, their personality, how they handle stress or respond to different situations can help you learn new things about your spouse without their ever even knowing it.  Become a good observer of your spouse and you are bound to find out something new.


Please share with us ideas about how you continue to learn new things about your spouse.  We love a good story!

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