Marriage Challenge: Sexual Nostalgia

Nostalgia:  Fond memories.  Reminiscences of days gone by.  Longing to return to a specific time or event.  Each person has moments in which nostalgic memories are triggered.  It could be from a scent, a sound, a touch or an experience. Times when our senses are heightened and our thoughts linger.  Today’s marriage challenge is to use this to your advantage concerning your sexual relationship.

Great sex, by it’s very nature, will keep you coming back time and again.  The release of oxytocin (“bonding” or “trust” chemical) during intercourse and orgasm, helps create a deep sense of attachment and intimacy. Beyond that however, if you attach your memories to specific sexual experiences it can be a big libido booster.

Creating what we are calling sexual nostalgia, is really quite simple.  When you make love introduce a different or new variable.  This could be a different room, a specific song/cd, a new position or a certain fragrance.  Then, anytime you see, hear, smell, etc.that variable,  use memory recall to bring to mind the intimacy you shared during that special time together.  If you choose the couch as a place to connect your bodies, allow your mind to recall how special your time spend together in that place was.  If you use a fragrance specifically for an intimate rendezvous, use that scent to trigger sexual thoughts towards your spouse. Etc., etc., etc.

Use your biggest sexual organ to your advantage.  Your brain and all the memories it contains can help orchestrate excitement and sexual pleasure and can help build greater interest in sex with your spouse.

What variables can you add to your sexual repertoire that may lead to sexual nostalgia days, weeks, month or even years down the road?  Take the challenge and build up a memory full of sex positive encounters with the love of your life!

1 thought on “Marriage Challenge: Sexual Nostalgia

  1. The only time we ‘did it’ out of bed was early in our marriage many years ago. We were going out for the evening and were all dressed up but had some time to spare. We were on the chesterfield and one thing led to another and suddenly it was pantyhose and panties down, trousers and briefs down and “Bingo”.

    I mentioned this to my wife a few days ago and she said she did not really enjoy it. She prefers ‘full body contact’! I am now all excited about the next time we have ‘full body contact’ which I know will be in bed.

    I shall always remember her words ‘full body contact’. I get excited just thinking about it.

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