Positive Word Culture: Creative Word Sharing Ideas

Last week we looked at 3 ways to develop a positive word culture in your marriage.  Developing a positive word culture is important to a growing marriage.  It’s not necessarily easy but it’s worth it.  Today I want to share a few practical ways you could use to communicate affirming and positive words to your spouse.

1. Create a Word Wall.  Designate a wall, mirror or even a large piece of paper as a word wall.  Write words that you believe describe the person your spouse is or is becoming.  Write out reasons you love them or character traits you admire about them.  I turned the doors of Justin’s bedroom closet into a word wall and wrote out 20-30 words that embody the man I love. Of course I had to explain some to our children (“Mommy, why did you call Daddy ‘Hot’?”) but it was totally worth it.  Whether he felt like he was living up to those characteristics or not, I wanted him to know that I love him and truly see the man he is.

2. Sweet Words Pillow Case. When my husbands head hits the pillow at the end of the day I want him to know he is my hero, my lover and my friend.  One idea to make the pillow take on an unusual role is to take a plain white pillowcase and fabric/permanent marker and write out words, phrases, or quotes that would serve to inspire and encourage your spouse.  We all want to feel confident, assured and secure in our spouses love for us, so let’s give them those same assurances while they drift off to sleep.

3. Body Word Art.  This suggestion is for the more adventurous spirit!  Write words or even a love note all over your body and have your spouse go on a scavenger hunt to find them.  Piece the words together if they are a poem and then recite them out loud to your spouse.  Enjoy the connection that positive words can bring as well as the physical connection that results from acting on that love.

Use the power of your words to bring about positive and healthy exchanges in your marriage. Encourage, uplift and inspire your spouse. When you do this, you will find you gained as much in return.

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