Romance or Sex? Why not plan for both this month!

We received this guest post from a Do Not Disturb Blog reader and can’t wait to share this creative idea with all of you.  Enjoy!

I’m like J from Hot, Holy and Humorous in that I’m not quite ready to go public with my identity in front of the millions of readers of DoNotDisturb.  That being said, I appreciate the opportunity that Justin and Megan have given me to be a guest blogger.

Every now and then, I come up with a good idea that I think is worth sharing. This was my one good idea from 2011.  Actually the idea was formed in 2010, but I had to wait until 2011 to launch the idea.   I surprised my wife with a series of index cards with one letter on  each card.  She had to put them in order and they eventually spelled the words Sexuary and Romanceuary.  This was on the first day of February.  What I did was rename “Feb” -ruary  as “Sex”-uary and “Romance”-uary.  Clever huh?

So here is what we did.  We set aside two nights every week of the month for sex and / or romance.  I being the one more interested in sex and less good at romance was in charge of Romance-uary night.  Not coincidentally, a good evening of romance led to sex 4 of  4 weeks.   Each Saturday night I would plan a fun, creative and romantic date for us to go on.  I even arranged the baby sitting which is always a good first step for creating romance with my wife.  Among the things we did were a sports tri-athalon at the local YMCA , a poker night with two other couples, and live Bluegrass music show.

My wife was in charge of sex-uary night each Tuesday.   We made a point of putting the kids to bed early so we could have a longer time together.  My wife is not usually the adventuresome one or the initiator so it was a great change of pace and great fun for her to think in those terms.  A few of the things she did was buy a book on erotic massage, wear new purchased silky lingerie and had us try a few new positions.

The following year we did something similar during the month of February which involved an extra focus on the sexual and romantic part of our marriage.  We go on dates and have sex every other month of the year as well, but what this did for us was give a fun and healthy focus to an otherwise dreary month.  Whether you change February to Sex-uary or Romance-uary, it’s a great month to focus more on your marriage because Valentine’s Day falls in the middle. Also, its cold outside and you might as well enjoy indoor sports with your sweetheart.


Now isn’t that a great idea! Feel free to leave some comment love for our guest blogger.

How would you go about planning a Sexuary or Romanceuary date night? Share your ideas so we can all benefit from the creativity of others.

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