Marriage Challenge: Explore, Discover

“You don’t do that very often, I like it.” He said with a wink.

“How could I not have known.” I thought to myself.

After nearly 14 years of marriage I (Megan) love it when I discover new things about my husband.  It gives me a giddy feeling that there are still heights and depths which I have not yet become familiar. Each time I learn something new it brings about the opportunity to love more and connect more deeply with the man I married.

Marriage is like that, full of things that surprise us and mysteries we don’t understand. The only way to uncover these mysteries though is to explore, to take the opportunity to engage and discover what we may not already know.  Today’s marriage challenge is to explore your spouse in order to discover something new. Use questions, observations, experiences, physical touch and the like to fuel your understanding of your spouse. Explore, notice and discover your way to a better marriage.

2 thoughts on “Marriage Challenge: Explore, Discover

  1. We’ve been married 24 years this year … Nov. 9th … and we still discover new and fun things (in bed especially) … makes life fun … we just keep and open mind and if it’s something we don’t like then we don’t do it again … but he is always willing to try something new or different … glad for that 🙂 no sense getting “bored” 🙂 God is so good … he created an awesome thing to share in marriage!

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