R.U.N. towards sex

Every once in a while there are misleading statements made about sex.  For example, we’ve heard it said, “A sex session can burn about 200 calories. This is like running 15 minutes on a treadmill!”

Even if this statements aren’t always accurate, it’s a lot of fun to think about the benefits a married couple can gain by enjoying sex.  In the spirit of this fact (proven or not!) here is an encouragement for why married couples should R.U.N. towards sex.

R – Relaxation

Days are busy. Nights are often filled with social and family obligations. This is just part of life. Sex provides a reprieve, a healthy escape from the problems of the day. When you are fully engaged in physical intimacy with your spouse there is often a complete disregard for everything else that is going on. The release of sexual exploration and orgasm for both men and women can provide a deep sense of relaxation.

U – Unity

Truly becoming one body during sex unites a couple. They can move forward in strength and agreement. Connecting physically is a great reminder that you are connected in other areas of life. Allow the physical connection during sex to remind you of the unity it takes to move forward in this life together.

N – Nurtures Intimacy

Intimacy before sex or after sex? The truth is it comes both ways. Emotional intimacy often leads one or both partners in marriage to desire sex. On the other hand, sex produces a desire to connect emotionally as a byproduct of the physical connection. Either as the culmination or the byproduct, sex nurtures intimacy in marriage.

So, there you go. Whether you are looking for some exercise or relaxation, unity and nurtured intimacy, sex was designed to benefit your marriage.

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5 thoughts on “R.U.N. towards sex

  1. Hi, Megan! What a great post. I’ve been leading a marriage study at our church, and tomorrow we begin the “sex chapter” – inevitable in a marriage study, right? I’m going to share this acronym with my ladies! Perfect timing!

  2. Exellent lesson. Very simple to remember and very much among the benefits of sex. I may have to link back to this in the near future for a post.

  3. You really know your stuff, Megan! I’m so glad you’ve created this acrostic because there definitely are many physical, emotional, relational and spiritual reasons we need to “run” to sex in our marriages. Without this connection and communion, our marriages become weak and flabby! Thanks for sharing this at Wedded Wed, my friend! I always love seeing you and Justin in the line up!

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  5. I totally agree that emotional intimacy is right up there in the top three!

    My husband and I have found after 40 years of marriage that as we mature emotionally (and we have done some really hard work in this area in the past few years), our physical connection is accompanied by intense emotional connection as well. What I am saying is, for better sex, find ways to heal emotionally. It pays benefits both directions!

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