Consider Sharing Your Story

Last night I (Megan) took the opportunity to attend an event titled, Radical Love: Loving, when loving isn’t easy. Eye’s were opened, hearts were softened and hope was offered.

While there were many wonderful aspects of the evening my favorite was when the speaker shared her story. A story filled with difficulties and struggle, victories and defeat. Hope was offered through the encouragement that if you are struggling to love someone, struggling in a difficult relationship… you are not alone!

That’s what story does. Reminds us that while present realities may not be what we wished for, we are not alone. You have a story. Your marriage has a story. Be sensitive to opportunities when sharing your story would be an encouragement to another. Sharing your experiences with others can help provide comfort and hope to someone in need.

“What if someone would be blessed by what I have to share and they miss out because I hide it?” ~ Holley Gerth

Check out Beyond Ordinary: When a Good Marriage Just Isn’t Good Enough for a memoir about marriage and restoration. (Currently free on kindle)

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