All About Boobies:

It was a quiet evening around the dinner table when a conversation began on the subject of coffee.  Should we move to becoming a “Fair Trade” only household or not?  In that moment I (Justin) grabbed a calculator and proceeded to run some numbers comparable to 3rd grade math.  Don’t laugh, you know you’ve done it, too.  The decision was made: our next coffee purchase will be from a “Fair Trade Only” supplier.

After the conversation, I started showing my daughters how you can write words on a calculator.  I typed in 0.1134 and turned the calculator upside down.  Our girls giggled that they could read “hello” on the calculator.  This went on for a few minutes.  Then, just for fun, I typed in 5318008 and showed it to Megan.  “Boobies,” she said with a smile.  “We should write a blog post about boobies.”  Since yesterday’s post wasn’t nearly as practical or fun as our normal posts, I figured today should be the day.

What men need to know about breasts:

1. They’re attached!

Men, I know you probably get a kick out of your wife’s body.  It’s OK…you should get a kick out of her!  You ought to love every single square inch of her body and within the marriage relationship, her body is completely yours to enjoy (as is yours for her pleasure).  And I realize that breasts are fascinating.  Touch them or press them in any way and they always comes back to their original shape!  Touch them in just the right way at just the right time, and she will melt in a state of sexual ecstasy.  They’re great!  They’re wonderful!  But they’re also attached!  While they may not look like they would include pain receptors, they certainly do.  Never tug (or dare I say, suck) on the breasts too hard.  Treat her breasts the same way you would want her to treat your penis.  With respect.  Soft, gentle, massaging respect.

2) They’re not the first place you should go!

When making love, rounding the bases may not always seem necessary to you.  You may be thinking, “Lips?  What are those?”  My guess is you probably go straight for the breasts, or maybe you even skip that step altogether!  If you’re wanting to make your sexual experience with your wife better, let HER give you the OK as to where to travel next on her body.  If she wants some lip service, then by all means, don’t reach up and grab her breasts.  If she wants yours hands rubbing her back, don’t bring them around to the front.  But give HER the option to decide how your sexual encounter will go.  But don’t worry, once she gets her satisfaction, she’ll be ready to please you as well.

3) They get jealous of each other!

When having sex, you may be tempted to go after one breast or the other.  Don’t do this.  She (and her breasts) like variety.  Spend all your time and attention on one side and the other may get a bit jealous.  Spend too much time with the breasts, and other parts of her body may get jealous.  Mix things up.  Remember, it’s her pleasure you’re going for.


Ladies, have another tip you need men to know about boobies?  Let them know in the comments below!