Marriage Challenge: When the world takes…you give

Are there things in your spouses life right now that are taking from them? Their job? Extra demands on time? Negative people? Family stress? Financial burdens? If you have a heartbeat, I’m guessing there are.  Life is work and that work wears us down. Today’s marriage challenge is simple.  Recognize that while the world around us takes from our spouse, we have the unique ability to give to our spouse. To renew, rejuvenate and dispense a great deal of love into their lives.

Today, consider how you can give to your spouse. To get your mind going, here are a few simple ideas you may choose to enact:

a handwritten note

a massage or some other physical touch (not necessarily intended as sexual initiation)

an encouraging phone call or text

a change in normal routine (ie. planned date, special night with friends, doing a chore or running an errand that your spouse usually does)

cross something off their to-do list by doing something for them or hiring someone to do it

initiate sex

a small gift

laugh together

play a game together

encourage them to take a long uninterrupted nap (if that’s something they would love!)

The list is endless and is as varied as your spouse is. Look for clues as to what would energize and encourage them and serve them selflessly. It’s so easy to get into the “take, take” mindset in marriage, mimicking the world. But it’s my desire (maybe yours too) that our marriage is counter cultural. Take steps to help your marriage be one that gives life rather than takes life.