Marriage Challenge: Unexpected Suggestions

Marriage is made up of lots of moments.  Moments of routine, familiar and expected happenings.  There are also moments of spontaneity, impulsiveness and whimsy. Today’s challenge is to focus on the latter.  While there is a certain comfort in that which is routine, marriage is meant to be more than just monotony. It’s important to find ways to connect in marriage through the unexpected.

Today’s marriage challenge: Include spontaneity into some aspect of your marriage today.

Not sure what to try?  Look to the personality and needs of your spouse and base your suggestion on what they would find exciting and invigorating.  A surprise lunch date maybe? Or a gift certificate for a massage (your own or professional)? A planned date night or a night off? Maybe tonight is the night where you actually initiate sex in a way that really gets your spouse going! Doing the unexpected builds anticipation, liveliness and vitality to your most important relationship. Strong marriages need opportunities to experience both the calm and the chaos of life, to live life to the full.