Marriage Challenge: Unexpected Twists

Task: Washing the car

Place: Local Car Wash Station (not automatic)

Unexpected Twist: Scented Bubble Soap from the foaming soap brush

Really!?!  Scented bubbles?

I am picturing a board room somewhere with a group of business execs devising a plan to make washing a car more pleasant. That made me think. Think about the fact that an unexpected twist to a routine or possibly even unpleasant task changed my perspective.  At first it made me laugh, but after that I was able to appreciate that it would benefit me to add some unexpected twists to my husband’s day.  Maybe it’s a sticky note on the counter as he puts away the dishes.  Maybe it’s an “all about him” approach to foreplay or sex one evening. An unexpected gift at an unexpected time. The list could go on and on.  Whatever it is that you can think of to make marriage memories, do it!

Great marriages include gestures of love… just because.  No ulterior motive. No search for approval.  Gestures that reach out and touch the one you love because you love them.  Take time today to think of a way that you can encourage, bless or shower your spouse with an unexpected twist.  They may laugh or think it silly at first but those are the moments that build great marriages.

Continue the conversation:

What unexpected twist do you have planned for your spouse?