Guest Post: The Benefits of Pay For Sex

I’m not quite ready to go public with my identity in front of the millions of readers of DoNotDisturb and I fear that my teenagers might stumble on this blog and realize that  their parents have had sex more than the 4 times that produced offspring.  That being said, I appreciate the opportunity that Justin and Megan have given me to be a guest blogger.

I came to a startling realization in the last two weeks.  My wife and I pay for sex, and that’s ok.  We don’t pay for sex in the traditional way that the title of this blog brings to mind.  But I have come to the realization that my wife and I spend money in order to have a better sex life, and as a result a healthier marriage.

A few weekends ago, we were out of town for one night.  We took along our middle schooler and our high schooler.  The norm in our family when we travel is to all cram into one hotel room because I’m cheap.  On this night, I decided to splurge and  get a room for the kids so that my wife and I could have a room to ourselves. It was a great decision because the reality is that we have better sex in a hotel.

This past Saturday my wife and I made plans to go on a date.  Typically we would buy the kids a pizza to have at home while we went out to our favorite restaurant.  This time we did something different.  We gave the kids money and sent them to a restaurant that was twice the cost of ordering pizza.  After they left, we had a thought…. a very good thought.  Instead of having sex at the end of our date night, why not start the night with sex since the kids were out of the house.  It was a great decision because the reality is that we have better sex in our own bed when there are no kids in the house.

While the title of my blog is intended to be a bit provocative, spending money on your marriage and particularly your sex life is a good thing.  It doesn’t have to be  spending money on a hotel room or sending the kids to dinner.  It may be buying a piece of sexy lingerie or a bottle of massage oil or whipped cream and strawberries or having a romantic dinner out.  The point is that we invest money (and time) into what matters most to us so it makes sense to invest money (and time) into sex lives.

.  .  .  .  .

Discuss with your spouse:

1. What are one or two things we regularly pay for that we can spend less on so that we can better spend it on our sex lives?

2. What are some ideas as to how we can use this money to pay for better sex over the summer?

4 thoughts on “Guest Post: The Benefits of Pay For Sex

  1. I am realizing the importance of spending money on things my husband finds sexy. I am 40+ years old and just bought my first Victoria Secret sexy lingerie. To say It meant a lot to my husband is a giant understatement! Thanks for this great reminder!

    • Most ladies don’t realize this because they’re too worried about all the flaws they see in their aging bodies. Here it is. Ready?


      On our webpage, we’re running a poll about lingerie. The results, not surprisingly, show that women aren’t buying lingerie let alone wearing it. Men are buying it and the women still aren’t wearing it.

      Body size? Shape? Doesn’t matter. Men are buying lingerie for their wives no matter if their petite, small, medium, large, voluptuous, and obese.

      Here’s a second gem: We hubbies only know about your flaws because YOU LADIES are constantly telling us about them. Shut up already! Put on the lingerie he buys you. Most likely, he bought you something that highlights your “goods” and minimizes your “not so goods”. He knows what he wants to see.

      I applaud you on your VS purchase and hope a lot of sexy days and nights ahead for you!!

  2. The wife and I go to hotels regularly. SOOOOO MUCH FUN! My wife is self conscience about sex, even at home. She hates the kids hearing us, and there are at least 10 ears at times … we have 5 kids. Although mostly grown and gone, we never know when a kid will show up.

    In the hotel, she’s realized that she can be the wild woman she is. She’s loud, nasty, and carnal. I can’t even come close to saying how sexy it is to see her release her inner sexual beast.

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