Q & A on Friday: Date Ideas

Let’s face it.  Before marriage, none of us really cared what kind of date we went on.  We were just thrilled to be with somebody special, somebody who made us feel special.  It could’ve been a night in an Italian restaurant, a movie, or even just a stroll through a park.  But years into marriage, most couples try to think of creative date ideas.  The idea of a movie night, Italian restaurant, or stroll through the park are old hat.  So, what are some creative date ideas?  And how does one prepare for them?

1) Put date nights on the calendar:

If your life is anything like ours, you’re always running somewhere.  Kids have friends they want to hang out with and activities in which they’re always involved. Life doesn’t stop.  Therefore, it’s completely appropriate, and often necessary, to block out sections on your calendar well in advance to have a date night.

Some creative events you can plan for may include:

August 9-14 – The Perseid Meteor Shower:  Beginning in July, Earth travels through a string of meteors that create a fascinating number of “shooting stars” every evening.  The best time for results this year is from August 9-14, with the maximum potential on August 12.  This is difficult to plan for, as the weather has to be clear to have good viewing.  But you can block out a few evenings during this period of time now so that you can plan an outside date night with your mate.  Once the kids are in bed, just grab a blanket, some fruit, maybe some wine, and head outside for a couple of hours.  If it works out just right, drop off the kids somewhere else for the evening.  Sparks in the sky may lead to fireworks in bed.

To keep the astronomy theme going, you can also find a local astronomy club or even contact a local college/university and find out when they have summer classes.  Simply ask when they’re going to be doing their next nighttime observation and ask if you can join in.  Most will be excited to have you, and you’ve just scheduled a great date night that won’t cost you a thing.

Plan a scavenger hunt: Chances are, you’re friends with 3 or 4 other couples who would love to take a few hours on a Saturday to compete in a scavenger hunt.  Just ask a trusted friend to organize it, and then plan to all meet in the same location to go over the rules/items necessary to complete the contest.  Everybody can chip in $5-$10 so there is a prize for the winning couple, or you can simply do it for the fun of being together.

Shoot Stuff: Some guys like to shoot guns, bows and arrows, or anything else that may cause damage.  But maybe you’re married to a guy who has done this kind of stuff on his xbox, but has never had the opportunity to do it in real life.  Or maybe he does it often, but she’s never joined him.  Or maybe you think this idea is just plain weird.  Whatever the case, plan a date at a local shooting range and shoot at a few targets.  Be sure you have all the necessary equipment (some shooting ranges may have it on-hand) and have your own fun competition to see who has better aim.  It probably won’t cost very much, and whether he admits it or not, he’ll have a good time.  Even if she has better aim.

2) Make the Date Night a Surprise:

While you may need to put the date on your calendar ahead of time, some of the best date suggestions are the ones your spouse doesn’t know about.  While any of the above suggestions may work, there are a wide variety of things you can do to surprise your spouse with an unexpected date.

Generally speaking, child care is a biggie.  Once you have that covered, you can do anything you want. You can enjoy an evening out on the town, or you can see how many positions you can enjoy within a 2-hour period of time.  Whatever works for you, just enjoy being with each other!


We’re sure we’ll write additional creative date ideas in the future.  Nevertheless, if you’ve got another fun date suggestions, feel free to offer it in the comments below!

The Dating Diva’s is a great website with many more ideas than we could ever possibly come up with on our own.  Enjoy checking them out!

5 thoughts on “Q & A on Friday: Date Ideas

  1. I think it depends on where you live. Some of them may rent them or just have you pay for ammo. Otherwise, it may require borrowing some items from a friend…just be sure to get some education on what to do beforehand. I (Justin) have only shot a loaded gun 3-4 times in my life, and every time I did, I had someone with me who knew exactly what they were doing.

  2. (theresa) Our dilemma was always no child care, we just did not have the resources or help at our disposal with the kids….soooo….we would do date night in sometime. Card night can be a lot of fun or board games. Put the kids to bed (or if they are old enough, pop in a movie for them) and set your bedroom up. Candles, music, wine and games.

  3. You are right Justin – I do really like one of the date ideas. The best time for viewing a meteor shower is around 3am. That time zone is turning into the dust lanes so the meteor per minute count is at its highest.

    I’ll let your readers figure out what to do to stay up until 3am to see it…. if you are not doing the astronomy club thing. But if you are – here is a local one for you North Central WVians: http://www.caacwv.com/

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